Anonymous said: How are you gonna watch her games?

When I come home, maybe?

Anonymous said: Where are you moving to? Is your gf okay with it?

I mean she doesn’t have much of a choice… I’m going to college.

Anonymous said: Im excited for you to start college but i don't want you to leave darth. You could kidnap her. Its a completely valid option that you should take into consideration.

Oh. Trust me, I have considered it. But unfortunately, I have to leave her ass in pasadena where she can be a kick ass keeper for me so I can watch her games. Only 974 miles. We got this.

Anonymous said: What color are your eyes?


Anonymous said: I DON'T WANT YOU TO GO


Anonymous said: You're moving away tomorrow?

Yes 😶

Anonymous said: I'd like to say I'm pretty good at analyzing people and I can tell from the videos Darth and you make that you have a short temper and you get annoyed with things really quickly.

Hahahahah ya. I can fly off the handle within seconds. But she puts up with me, praise The Lord.

Anonymous said: Do you have a short temper?

Hahahahah yep. How’d you know


Thank you for the nomination dannydino11 & i-do-it-for-the-lesbians
MALAYA ( scottysmallss ) and ANGELA ( inscripting ) you guys have 24 hrs. BY THE WAY I KNOW WE’RE IN A DROUGHT SO WE USED MY POOL WATER IF THAT MAKES ANY DIFFERENCE??

Anonymous said: If you're gay are you dating someone? Is her name danny bc she's all over your tumblr literally


U must b new here. Literally why do you think I’m dating Danny? IM WITH KEATON AND SHES BUTT HURT U SAID THIS.