Anonymous said: What is a hdygrl?

Oh honey…

Anonymous said: Is that backpack Herschel Supply Co.?


Anonymous said: what happened with you and darth :(

Not a thing. She’s my girl and that’s that.

Anonymous said: You are in fucking London?! Take me with you!!!

Okey hop on a plane. Let do dis

Anonymous said: Lego is Danish ya know, go to legoland in Denmark, lots and lots of Lego you'll love it :) it's not far from England!

I fucking wish omg but my family wouldn’t be down

Anonymous said: Can you show us your Legos?

There’s a post somewhere…

Anonymous said: how does your girlfriend feel about you liking legos? my ex girlfriend used to make fun of me for having so many but bitches can hate all they want because now she has an ugly new girlfriend but i still have my legos so whose really the winner here

Hahaha. Yes you are the winner. But ang accepts me for the nerd I am. So pretty sure she loves it